Benestar counselling for SLSNZ members and their immediate families

What is happening?
Benestar is the new counselling and wellbeing provider for SLSNZ/SLSNR patrolling members. The great news is that all SLSNZ/SLSNR patrolling members and their immediate families now have access to fully funded, confidential counselling and wellbeing resources through Benestar. Benestar have counsellors throughout New Zealand who can be selected and booked online by the user. Benestar will also be supporting SLSNZ/SLSNR critical incident support processes.

Why is it happening?
Personal counselling support is available now and can be accessed 24/7. Access for patrolling members is at or 0800 360 364. The website access username is XEROCUSTNZ and the password is XEROCUSTNZ1

What does it mean to me?
Benestar can be used in support of your work with Surf Life Saving and also for personal or professional matters. Benestar offers guidance on workplace issues, financial challenges, stress and anxiety, as well as family issues such as violence, grief, and hardship. Support is provided through expert clinicians, counsellors and advisors either face-to-face, via phone, video, learning modules, online live chat, and through the Benestar app.
For more information and the links to access, check out the Member Wellbeing page on the SLSNZ Website

Please direct any questions to;
Ari Peach
National Wellbeing Lead
021 040 6313